THE Dick Wagner "Remember the Child" Memorial Fund

A 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization.




The Dick Wagner "Remember the Child" Memorial Fund creates and funds music therapy programs for hospitalized and special needs children.

We provide musical instruments, music therapy enrichment programs, and funding to bring the healing powers of music and creativity to children.

We give from the heart to the soul through music. Music empowers. Creativity enriches lives. We bring the healing powers of music to life.



  • • The benefits of Music Therapy are broad based. Music therapy supports the physical, emotional, social and cognitive well-being of children.

  • • Singing and playing music enhances mood, emotional expression, improves functional and cognitive motor skills, and motivates children to grasp, reach, walk, or stand.

  • • Clinical studies reveal physical benefits of improved respiration, decreased pain perception (and reduced need for pain medications), stress relief, lowered blood pressure, improved cardiac output, reduced heart rate, and relaxed muscle tension.



  • • We supply funding for hospitals to hire Board Certified Music Therapists to work with hospitalized children.

  • • Our Board-Certified Music Therapists are degreed professionals, trained in multiple proficiencies: physiology, the sterile medical environment, musical performance, and music education.

  • • Our music therapists bring hands-on music activities and the joy of music directly to hospitalized children. For children who cannot leave their rooms, our therapists "suit up" in antiseptic clothing and masks, and bring musical instruments into the hospital room.

  • • For each hospital that we support, we donate an assortment of musical instruments -- violins, guitars, keyboards, percussion, and more.

  • • We currently support the following hospitals & youth facilities: The Children's Miracle Network Hospitals; Beaumont Children's Hospitals, Royal Oak, MI; C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI; Hurley Children's Hospital, Flint, MI; Children's Hospital of Michigan (DMC), Detroit; Cleveland Clinics Children's Hospital, Cleveland, OH; Holtz Children's Hospital at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; FAR Therapeutic Arts & Recreation, Children's Healing Center, Grand Rapids, MI; Wish Upon A Teen, Southfield, MI; Seven Mile, Ann Arbor, MI.

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