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Alan Wolinetz

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Alan Wolinetz, Chief Financial Officer, Catholic Charities, New York, NY, Senior Vice President, Republic National Bank: With his distinctive history as CEO and General Manager of non-profits and banking organizations, Alan brings significant insight and experience to our Board. As CFO of Catholic Charities, Alan served from 2011 until his retirement in December 2021, managing its annual budget of 190 million dollars and controlling all financial-related activities for the agency. Alan took a major role in reshaping the agency’s operational infrastructure — increasing revenue, decreasing expenses, and creating a sound financial structure with accountability and reporting.

Prior to joining Catholic Charities, Alan enjoyed a successful career in the banking industry. As Senior Vice President of Republic National Bank, Alan led a year-long re-engineering to reduce 90 million dollars in operating expenses. He represented Republic Bank in the formation of a de novo New York Stock Exchange securities firm and a related asset management company; and he led the conversion of the New York branch into the stand-alone operating entity of a foreign bank. During his tenure, Alan served on committees including Capital Expenditure, Disaster Recovery Directive, Pension Review, and more. Earlier in his career, Alan joined the international law firm, Law Debenture Trust Company of New York, serving as General Manager of the New York and Delaware offices, where he handled financial administration, real estate management, information technology, and more.

A native New Yorker, Alan earned his MBA from Pace University’s Graduate School of Business Administration and his B.S. in Accounting from Hunter Colleg, City University of New York.