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Darren McDunnough

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Darren McDunnough, Founder and President/CEO of McDunnough, Inc., McD Prime. A highly successful entrepreneur and business executive, Darren heads up McDunnough, Inc, a world-wide leader in resin distribution, compounding, industrial plastics recycling, processing, export and sales, McDunnough, Inc. operates also as a distributor and supplier of recycled plastic materials and services for industry.

As an industry leader, Darren understands the intricacies of business and start-ups on a visceral and functional level – including branding, corporate development, finance, strategic planning, manufacturing, and distribution. As a strong supporter of inclusion and diversity in the workplace and beyond, Darren was a founding member of Disability Works!, an organization established to bring businesses together with the disabled in an effort to inform, advocate, educate and ultimately employ those with disabilities.

A passionate supporter and advocate of the arts, Darren is an active lead singer and guitar player, with professional experience ranging from the recording studio and small venues to festivals performing in front of thousands